Wake Up to Your Potential

A couple of weeks ago I got a chance to see the Netherlands Dance Theater group (above) perform live in Chapel Hill, NC.  I believe it will be one of the seminal moments of my life.   I was three rows from the stage, which meant I was maybe 30 feet from 20 people who were someContinue reading “Wake Up to Your Potential”

Lazy or Filled with the Integrity of the Gods? Hmm . . .

So I like some parts of this ‘writer’ business.  And some parts I LOVE (CAPITALIZED, in bold, and underlined forever).  And some parts, like creating an online presence, I just don’t know how I feel about.  Correction: I do.  I felt the bile rising in my throat just writing that sentence. Don’t get me wrongContinue reading “Lazy or Filled with the Integrity of the Gods? Hmm . . .”

Welcome to the Permission You’ve Been Waiting For

Hi.  I’m Katherine Cerulean and my purpose in life is to write and share the beauty of the world with you.  But enough with that– This post is about changing your life. You have found this place.  I don’t know from where or how, but you are here now.  And I want to welcome youContinue reading “Welcome to the Permission You’ve Been Waiting For”