Welcome to the Permission You’ve Been Waiting For

Hi.  I’m Katherine Cerulean and my purpose in life is to write and share the beauty of the world with you.  But enough with that–

This post is about changing your life.

You have found this place.  I don’t know from where or how, but you are here now.  And I want to welcome you and invite you to travel with us and change your world.  And change my world.  And find strangers we need to help and change their worlds too.

I can’t make magic, at least not every time, not at 7:48 am on a cold morning.  I wish I could write magic words right now, maybe just a short sentence, and it could change your life forever.  But I can’t.

What I can do is give you permission.  Who am I to give that to you?  No one, but sometimes, reading it one more time will give you permission to set yourself free.

And I need you to be free.  Because WE are going to change the world.  Maybe just you and me to start with; maybe with many others, those who are scribbling in the shadows, painting in the late hours, and saying the uncommon thing in a common room.

But here it is —

I Give You Permission to Live the Life of Your Dreams.  

From this moment onward, you never have to compromise again.  You can spend every moment becoming great at what you love, not mediocre at something you hate.  You can jump from dream to dream and see things and experience moments that no would believe even if you told them.  And you will come alive in every way possible.

And if anyone gives you any shit, send them to me.

Because what we are doing here is too important to be stopped by small mindedness, little To-Do lists, and fear.

You have just been set free.  Start flying.  I love you all.

Published by katherinecerulean

Novelist, founder of The Athens Writers Association, and enthusiast of all things awesome and magical. Need my help with ANYTHING? Just ask!

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