Beauty, Joy, Magic, and Purpose

The world is full of tremendous possibilities, gorgeous potential, and life-changing discoveries.

So are you.

So the time has come to stop playing small and accepting less. Release fear and embrace the adventure.

To demand a higher standard in yourself, your life, and in the people and writing that aims to inspire you.

Because REAL CHANGE is possible.

REAL ART is necessary.

And true beauty is all around us.

Just who am I?
At Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

My name’s Katherine, and I’m someone who went from home schooled, living at the end of a mile-long dirt road, overweight, retail employee with DREAMS to a woman traveling the country (soon, the world!), working from home, fit and strong, and following my passions to make your lives more brilliant, more fulfilling, and make writing in general more fucking great .

And the really fantastic part is, all this can be yours too. Let’s go!