Make your life a game

The other day I finally got around to watching a few TED Talks and there were some pretty amazing ones (I’ll talk about a couple of others later), but the one that’s stuck with me most is Jane McGonigal’s The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life.

She talked about how, after a severe concussion, she made her day-to-day life into a game to help her get better.  And now, I’ve started using the same idea to accomplish my goals.

My game is called Kat Power, and in it I control a woman (also named Kat Power) through each level (a day), maximizing her Enthusiasm and Energy bars while steering her away things that drain her power like Sadies, Stressies, and the dreaded Sweeties (foods that claim to up her power but really take it away!).  If I get all my goals done, I get the ‘100%!’ reward, and sometimes mini challenges pop up like ‘Get what you need from the grocery store without buying anything sweet’.

The surprising thing is that when you’re ‘playing’ an avatar instead of just living your life, it becomes easy and fun to achieve your goals.

So make up your own game, with power-ups, magic items, avatars and dragons.  And watch Jane’s talks here —

Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk

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2 thoughts on “Make your life a game

  1. Ooh, I like the sound of this! I’ve also recently discovered TED talks and am amazed at the wealth of great ideas out there. I’m bookmarking this one to watch later! Also, Kat Power: wonderful 🙂

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