Ideas to Start Improving Your Life

Here’s my favorite posts (so far) to help you start improving your life today.

Top Posts

16. ‘Here Be Dragons’ — How To Try New Things Without Losing Your Nerve — All my recent successes have come from eventually saying ‘screw it’ and moving into bold, exciting new worlds before I felt ready. And every time, it’s been fantastic.

15. 5 Ways To Love Yourself And Reveal Your Awesome — Having a healthy mental attitude is one of the most important stepping stones to The Life of Your Dreams. Here’s what changed everything for me.

14. The Things That Make You Scared Are The Things That Make You Dream — When you actually start living your dreams, life gets scary fast. And that’s okay. Actually, it’s wonderful.

13. The Most Successful Fat-Loss Plan of My Life — I only did Paleo for five months but man — what a rush. It convinced me once and for all that I could be my perfect shape and size (though I’m more into whole foods these days).

12. Make A Break For The Light — A little post about how small actions can help us start to live a bigger, better life.

11. What Will You Do With This Year? — One of my favorites from a writing perspective. Lyrical, passionate, and a little crazy — I should remember to write like this a little more often.

10. The Day You Woke Up — One of my continuing series of posts about realizing you deserve the life of your dreams.

9. The Things That Make You Scared Are the Things That Make You Dream — So often we think feeling apprehension is a ‘STOP’ sign when it really means we’re moving toward things that matter to us.

8. I Dare YOU to Walk the Goat Trail of Life — The first of a 53 part, goat-related series (that sounds… right). In truth, it is about slowing down and enjoying living in the moment.

7. Why I Write Fantasy: A Post About Possibilities, Magic, and He-Man — A more personal post about how 300 year old popular trees, placentas, and the Apple II’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘Cave of Time’ influenced my writing. Unique.

6. The Fastest Way to Change Your Life For the Better — I starting reading Maria Kondo in 2016 and my journey to minimize has been one of the best experiences of my life. I highly recommend her book and TV series!

5. To Honor the Failing Darkness — A post about standing in the place of not knowing something but trusting in it anyway (i.e. being in the ‘failing darkness’ just before dawn). A valuable place with which we grow more comfortable.

4. How to Reevaluate Your Life — The fan favorite. This post is probably responsible for over 80% of my readers. I’m proud of it, and glad it struck a nerve.

3. ‘What The Heck Do I Do Now?’ — Reevaluating Your Life Part 2 — A follow-up to the previous post. After you’ve thought about what’s working in your life and what isn’t, it’s time to take action.

2. How to Tune Out the Noise — a classic, longer fav about keeping to your goals even when other people get in the way. I just really, really like my use of ‘Simpsons’ quotes in this one. Well done, me. 🙂

1. The Five Fucking Reasons You’d Better Live Your Dreams — It’s short and to the point. It quotes singer Frank Turner. It mentions death. What more could a person ask for?

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