Ideas to Start Improving Your Life

Here’s my ten favorite posts (so far) to help you start improving your life today.

Top Ten Posts

10. The Most Successful Fat-Loss Plan of My Life — I only did Paleo for five months but man — what a rush. It convinced me once and for all that I could be my perfect shape and size (though I’m more into whole foods these days).

9. The Day You Woke Up — One of my continuing series of posts about realizing you deserve the life of your dreams.

8. The Things That Make You Scared Are the Things That Make You Dream — So often we think feeling apprehension is a ‘STOP’ sign when it really means we’re moving toward things that matter to us.

7. I Dare YOU to Walk the Goat Trail of Life — The first of a 53 part, goat-related series (that sounds… right). In truth, it is about slowing down and enjoying living in the moment.

6. Why I Write Fantasy: A Post About Possibilities, Magic, and He-Man — A more personal post about how 300 year old popular trees, placentas, and the Apple II’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘Cave of Time’ influenced my writing. Unique.

5. The Fastest Way to Change Your Life For the Better — I starting reading Maria Kondo in 2016 and my journey to minimize has been one of the best experiences of my life. I highly recommend her book and TV series!

4. To Honor the Failing Darkness — A post about standing in the place of not knowing something but trusting in it anyway (i.e. being in the ‘failing darkness’ just before dawn). A valuable place to grow in comfort of.

3. How to Reevaluate Your Life — The fan favorite. This post is probably responsible for over 80% of my readers. I proud of it, and glad it struck a nerve.

2. How to Tune Out the Noise — a classic, longer fav about keeping to your goals even when other people get in the way. I just really, really like my use of ‘Simpsons’ quotes in this one. Well done, me. 🙂

1. The Five Fucking Reasons You’d Better Live Your Dreams — It’s short and to the point. It quotes singer Frank Turner. It mentions death. What more could a person ask for?