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Katherine’s desire to read ‘just one more’ Jane Austen novel led to her own Regency love story — and the best novel she’s written yet.

Ann Marshal has spent the first nineteen years of her life happily living in a small village with her father, country gentleman Julian. Her idyllic existence is upended, however, when she discovers she must spend six months in London, learning the one lesson her father has never been able to teach her: how to be a society lady.

Before long Ann learns a shocking secret: Julian is not her father, only her guardian. Instead, she is heir to an enormous fortune and the ‘belle of London’ — with beaus aplenty seeking her hand and her fortune.

As Ann navigates this new world, she discovers how to sidestep both conventionality and momentary infatuation, and ultimately bet all her heart on a greater love that could actually last a lifetime.

More than just a fulfilling love story, Society & Civility examines identity and how we can grow to become people worthy of the love we so ardently desire.

Unpublished Works

Teleplays include —

  • Spark of Madness Pilot — Fantasy TV drama series
  • The Family Plot Pilot — Action TV drama series
  • A Bold Bit of Dickery Pilot — Fantasy TV drama series
  • ‘False Premises’ A Bold Bit of Dickery Ep. 2 
  • ‘FEM Rick’ Rick & Morty spec
  • Allys Understars Pilot — sci-fi TV limited series — in process

Screenplays include —

  • Murder in the Movies — Thriller
  • Divining Grace — Drama
  • Evonny Mitchell and the Unicorn Knights — Family Fantasy
  • Beaumont Lake — Coming of Age Drama
  • Love Fuzoul — Family Animated

Books include —

  • Other Gods — Epic Fantasy
  • Fall Street — Coming of Age
  • Society & Civility — Regency Romance
  • TRIad — Superhero Fantasy — in progress
  • Evonny Mitchell and the Unicorn Knights — Young Adult Fantasy — in progress
  • Evonny Mitchell and the Noir Unicorn — in progress
  • Evonny Mitchell and the Heir of Paravance — in progress
Contact/Connect —

My passion and purpose on this Earth is storytelling. I especially LOVE characters. Please contact me if you have —

  • Writing questions
  • Character quandaries
  • Would like to hire me to write, teach, or improve something (could be you or your work). Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • A really funny or meaningful quote to share
  • An interest in reading my unpublished work(s)
  • An appreciative comment about my Matt Adrian / Hannibal pins —
Words by Matt Adrian/The Mincing Mockingbird

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