For the Love of Books

I’ve been playing with my Pinterest boards today and I’m getting very excited about the near future.  My novel writing history has been —

* Other Gods (a sci fi / fantasy set on a desert world ruled by six gods)

* A Caged Heart Still Beats (an 1800s love story about a man trapped in a cage in the woods of his own vast estate)

And now I’m writing —

* Spark of Madness (Victorian England with a sheen of magic)

*Fall Street (a coming-of-age story about a 15 year old girl in a 1950s small town)

One of my boards is call Memento Mori, and that is the beginning of an After Death Adventure I haven’t started yet.

I also like to put up pictures of actors who inspire the characters I’m creating.  So, even though you don’t know these stories yet ( and I don’t know ALL of them), if you get a chance check these boards out and share a little in my thrill of discovery as these new worlds come into being.


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