Formatting Service & Publishing to Amazon

I’m passionate about making your book formatted to compete with the best of the big, traditional publishers. And I want you to feel happy, excited, and confident every step of the way.

Your satisfaction is my chief concern. We’ll work until you’re delighted with your book.

You’ve written a great book. Now send it out onto the world looking its best.

    Give you book its best chance. Let people know you’re serious and professional. I believe anyone can become a good formatter, but like becoming a good mechanic, not everyone wants to get their hands dirty or learn the trade.

    I have over nine years formatting and self publishing experience, including putting together two collections for the writers association that I founded. I have worked for bestselling authors and first time authors. I’m always happy to go slow and explain any process, answer all questions, and help you publish a book that looks great, stands up to all scrutiny, and makes you proud.

    Please contact me for pricing, to start the process of publishing your book, or to answer any questions at all at:

    Please note: Manuscripts over 300 pages may incur a small additional cost due to length.

    The Complete Package

    Formatting to your complete satisfaction for your manuscript for paperback, hardback (if you desire), and ebook. Just send me your .DOC file and I transform it into a beautiful book following your preferences about size, font, layout etc.

    Uploading and publication on in the USA and across the world, assistance in crafting an Amazon description, Author Central bio, keywords, and categories. Don’t know what all of those are? I’ll be happy to explain and teach as we go along — no worries!

    And Emotional support is provided at no extra change! Publishing a book is a scary and exciting time. Ask unlimited questions via email about the publishing and formatting process and I’ll answer any other writing questions that I can using my 20+ years of writing experience as well as being founder and president of a popular writing association.

    Total Cost: Please email for a current price list

    Individual Services

    If you feel comfortable with Amazon KDP and the publishing process, I can just format the manuscript and hand off the files to you for publication.

    Paperback and hardback formatting only. Total Cost: Please email for a current price list

    Ebook formatting only (including an Interactive Table of Contents). Total Cost: Please email for a current price list

    On the other hand, if you have a perfectly formatted manuscript and would just like help with the Amazon KDP publication process (including description assistance etc), I can provide that — Total Cost: Please email for a current price list.

    Additional Service: Cover Art and Design

    For better or worse, the world does judge a book by its cover. Turn that to your advantage with a professional cover that speaks to your audience. Your satisfaction is our destination.

    Graphic Design cover. Total cost: Please email for a current price list

    Graphic Design cover with photo elements. Total Cost: Please email for a current price list

    Fully painted cover (with graphic design for titles). Total Cost: Please email for a current price list

    Some examples of our cover work below:

    I finished writing my book a couple of years ago but was too intimidated by the process of self-publishing to even know where to start. My dream has always been to tell my story and help others through my journey and Katherine made that dream come true. She made the whole process enjoyable and was so supportive the entire time. She took care of everything and would just ask for my input on personal preferences for the final product. She was readily available for any questions I had along the way and provided very detailed information to let me know where we were in the process. She is extremely knowledgeable and detail-oriented. She not only helped with all the details of publishing but was also so encouraging with the emotional component of getting your book out there. She was really heaven-sent at the perfect time and I highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance to make their dream of self-publishing a reality.

    Dalybeth Christine
    Author of Love Is Not Enough: Awakening The Goddess Within

    But What — Exactly — is Formatting?

    • Headers, Footers, and Pages Numbers — Your name, title, chapter title and/or page number at the top of bottom of the book.
    • Font Types, Font Sizes, and Paragraph layout — You want everything to look idealical, including spacing between each paragraph.
    • Front Matter — Title Page, Copyright Page, Endorsements, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Introduction. All of these can make or break your credibility.
    • Back Matter — Less important, but you want your Epilogue, Bio, Suggested Reading, and more to also shine.
    • An Interactive Table of Contents (TOC) — For your ebook, you want people to be able to find a spot in the book in a fast and easy manner.
    • Great Looking Chapter Headings — The start of each chapter is wonderful place to have a distinctive font or symbol to emphasise your book.
    • Blank Pages — To the professional eye, a truly blank page (at the end of a section) is a sign of a well formatted book. You don’t want pages numbers.
    • Layout of images or designs — Depending on the book, a lot of work may be needed to place images in a smooth and beautiful manner.

    And a note about what Formatting is not: It’s not an editor for your manuscript. I’ll catch any errors I see but I’m not trained to catch everything. Formatting should be the very, very last thing that happens before your book is published. I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself but I do think that the right editor, cover artist, and formatter are worth their weight in gold.

    You may have the skills to do it yourself but when in doubt, work with professionals. That said, I don’t recommend vanity presses (one stop publishing shops where you pay to publish) for most people.

    I think you’ll get a much better product and maintain more control if you hire an independent copy editor (or more detailed editor), cover designer, and formatter. I also recommend learning to format yourself if you’re interested — just keep a stiff drink handy while you’re learning!

    Contact me at to start the process and get your questions answered
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