How to Connect

So, I love writing.  I have no doubt it is my calling, my center, my soul.  I’ll write and tell stories forever, whether or not it is ever my paid, professional, real job.  That said, I want to leave behind work that pays the bills but doesn’t ignite my soul, and I want to live the life of my dreams — the life of a full time artist.

So, how does one, in the midst of this hurly-burly world, find you.  Yes you, because I am looking for you, the dreamer, the doer, the one who finds my stories and in doing so, finds something else you were looking for as well.

I have connected to and been grateful for more artists, musicians, writers, and dreamers than I can ever say.  I am so, so happy they followed their dreams and didn’t let their gifts disappear from the earth while they flipped fries or unloaded boxes.  I love them, and I want to join them.  And I have a feeling you do too.  So, here’s five beginning ideas for connecting to people and living your dream.

1:  Never, ever give up.  You can get discouraged, but always know there is something so special in your soul that it’s worth fighting your whole life through to get it out.

2: Start walking forward.  Every little step counts.  Start writing that story, learning that song.  The world WILL respond to your action, to real movement.

3: Be kind, enthusiastic, and helpful.  A thousand doors open for the person everyone wants involved.  If you can’t be joyful about freely giving your time and help to something, you’re probably not following your real dream.

4: See your success and work backward.  Envision yourself with everything you want, then imagine (or interview yourself to find out) how you got there.

5: Be your true self.  Stop pretending, or imagining you have to be different.  If you find something that makes you crazy excited, everyone will want to be a part of it and you’ll be loved for what comes naturally.

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