Welcome to September — Start Your Engines

Awesome author Catherine Ryan Howard (who you should be following) said, “But what I really love about September is that it’s a fresh start, a perfect little package of time between now and New Year’s Eve in which you have every chance of achieving your goals and sauntering smugly into 2014 with a smile on your face.Continue reading “Welcome to September — Start Your Engines”

Bumbling Toward Greatness

If you have been trying to change your life, to start a new habit, health regiment, or novel — and it’s all been going to shit — take heart. If your loan application was turned down, your long-term steady left you after you started talking marriage and kids, or if your amazing new group attractedContinue reading “Bumbling Toward Greatness”

What Has Made Your Life Worth Living?

I am faced with this question as I move to complete ‘How to Come Alive: A Guide to Achieving Your Dreams in Life’.  It’s a short book, but long on ideas.  Basically, it’s the 25 things that I contribute most to my success so far upon planet Earth.  And it made me wonder — WhatContinue reading “What Has Made Your Life Worth Living?”

The Super Secret, #1 Tip for Greatness: Action

Graphic by the great Austin Kleon That it.  Just one word, one idea.  No long list, no thirty-seven bullet points, just — this: THE SECRET TO GREATNESS Action. I’ve been trying a lot of things this year, but in the end it has all led to this moment.  This typing, this game plan to livingContinue reading “The Super Secret, #1 Tip for Greatness: Action”

I Dare YOU to Walk the Goat Trail of Life

We’ve lost something, left something, along the old goat trails.  Allow me to explain — I am sitting here in a Starbucks, writing on my netbook, listening on my Beats Tour headphones to Giselle, act II no.15, Pas De Deux (I don’t usually listen to classical music but it seemed conducive to writing) — inContinue reading “I Dare YOU to Walk the Goat Trail of Life”

Five Reasons I’m Grateful For Depression

When I’m depressed, nothing works, nothing’s right.  And certainly a list of reasons to be grateful would just make me stick out my tongue and go blaaa.  But, as I started to climb out of the valley of my depression on Friday (and as I was walking the trails in beautiful Watson’s Mill State Park)Continue reading “Five Reasons I’m Grateful For Depression”