Welcome to September — Start Your Engines

From zulily.com

Awesome author Catherine Ryan Howard (who you should be following) said,

“But what I really love about September is that it’s a fresh start, a perfect little package of time between now and New Year’s Eve in which you have every chance of achieving your goals and sauntering smugly into 2014 with a smile on your face.

‘I subscribe to the French notion of la rentrée, which is to say that I let the summer months pass without too much thought for goals and To Do lists, but then I pull my socks up and stride into September with a newly recharged motivation and determination to get things done. Roughly translated it means the re-entry, and I’m ready for mine.”

I particularly like her idea that September is still early enough in the year for great accomplishments to happen.  I myself am in that place right now — and it’s time to get excited.

This whole year has been transformative for me but it’s been an emotional, challenging journey to get to this place as well.  In August I decided the time was now and, much like a jockey in the home stretch seeing a hole between lead horses, I sprang into action and have been bearing down hard on my goals ever since.

I’m all action these days, and in truth one of my big motivations is seeing myself standing there on New Year’s Eve and wanting to look and feel great and be proud of how far I’ve come.

And I want you to do the same thing.  Four months is a long time — you could have exercised for 120 days by the end of the year, or written the first draft of a novel, or revolutionized your whole house or many other things.

The important thing is to start now, today, and turn your hopes and dreams into consistent ACTION.

Then you’ll really have something to toast come New Year’s.

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