Bumbling Toward Greatness

If you have been trying to change your life, to start a new habit, health regiment, or novel — and it’s all been going to shit — take heart.

If your loan application was turned down, your long-term steady left you after you started talking marriage and kids, or if your amazing new group attracted amazingly few applicants — hang in there.

If you’ve decided to move forward and all you feel is yourself sliding backward — don’t give up.

You may feel like you are bumbling — but as long as you’re moving forward, you are heading toward greatness.

Austin Kleon

We have this idea that if you’re doing something exciting like going to college, starting a business or moving into the career of your dreams, or doing any ‘big’ thing, that you must be some sort of amazing wonder woman (or man) that can do no wrong.

Instead, we would be shocked (and maybe horrified) to learn how many setbacks, mistakes, fumbles, and breakdowns people grow through on their way to the top.


If you are moving toward the life of your dreams, then what in the world is wrong?  Yes, it’s hard and everything doesn’t go right.  I just recently had a small turnout for a group I run — so what?  I’m learning how to attract and interest people, the people who did come had fun and got inspired, and next time I’ll work to make sure there’s more people.  When you’re running a marathon, you don’t worry about being sweaty and unsure on mile five, just worry about reaching the finish line.

Everything we are doing toward living the life of our dreams is going to be improved by practice, gumption, and stick-to-it-ness.  You will get there.  You will become awesome.  You are on the right track.

I’ll leave the last word to Martin Luther King Jr. —


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