Non-Intention In A Tense World

Right now I’m working part-time from home, hoping it will become fulltime. And I’m enjoying spending time with friends in Georgia I haven’t seen in a year and a half and who I might not see for all of 2022. I am writing screenplays that may not sell. I’m doing an internship that I dreamContinue reading “Non-Intention In A Tense World”

Why I’m ‘Giving Up’ My Goal of Losing Weight (Right When I’ve Achieved It)

On August 31st, I will officially complete my goal of becoming my perfect weight, shape, and fitness level. It’s a goal 20 years in the making. I’ve always been ‘big-boned’ and ‘someone who liked meat and potatoes’. I have an early memory of someone my dad was buying bales of hay from commenting on meContinue reading “Why I’m ‘Giving Up’ My Goal of Losing Weight (Right When I’ve Achieved It)”

Why it’s okay to feel how you feel — and why you should move past it

It’s okay to feel tired. Sad. Scared. Tired again. It’s alright to read too much news, talk about things you can’t change, and eat junk food. It’s fine to play too many games and watch all the TV. It’s okay not to be okay. But what comes next? After. Above and beyond this moment? WhatContinue reading “Why it’s okay to feel how you feel — and why you should move past it”

I Sleep 30 FT From Where I was Born. Now I’m Moving Across the Country.

It’s happening. After years (YEARS) of planning, my sister and I are about to hit the road –on December 31st — and start the exciting next phase of our lives. We leave behind the retail store (Best Buy #511, Athens, GA) we’ve both worked at for over 15 years, a half house/half trailer down aContinue reading “I Sleep 30 FT From Where I was Born. Now I’m Moving Across the Country.”

The Great Things About Turning Forty

Forty is awesome. I know you hear a lot of talk about it as a big scary number and I admit I’ve thought so too. Which is why I’ve been working hard for a couple of years to get my life to an exciting place for the big 4-0, just so I wouldn’t feel disappointed.Continue reading “The Great Things About Turning Forty”

Harder: The Thing That Stands Between You and Your Dreams

Coworker: I just graduated. Me: Congratulations! That was a lot of hard work. Coworker: Not really. But thanks. Later my friend also reiterated that, while it was nice of me to encourage him, graduating wasn’t really that hard of work. WHAT? I felt like he would have had lots of times, lots of choices, whereContinue reading “Harder: The Thing That Stands Between You and Your Dreams”

These 500 Words Will Make Your Life Awesome

I’m almost 40, which isn’t too old — I’ve got lots more adventures planned. But I’m also aware that I’m moving toward being ‘an adult’ if not yet quite an elder statesman. In some ways I’ve always felt this mature; I remember being 20 and thinking I felt my ‘true age’ was 42 (the answer toContinue reading “These 500 Words Will Make Your Life Awesome”

The Ocean is Still Out There, Magnificent and Wide

It had been over 20 years since I had seen a beach. I had had good intentions several times over the past few years (“We’ll go for my birthday”; “Let’s cerebrate New Year’s on the beach, watching the sun rise”) but each time bad weather, illness, holiday retail worker craziness, or just the idea ofContinue reading “The Ocean is Still Out There, Magnificent and Wide”

To Honor the Failing Darkness

Trying new things is hard. Returning to old things is hard. Doing anything worth doing is probably hard. 😉 But as the darkness of ignorance falls away we become more comfortable, less afraid, less annoyed.  The new is always challenging, which is why we rush past it — getting to know that new boyfriend, wantingContinue reading “To Honor the Failing Darkness”

How to Turn ’18 Up to ’11’

Hi! Good to see you; I know it’s been awhile ;-). So, this year has been crazy. And awesome. Crazy-awesome? Yes. And I’ve wanted to get back to the website for a while but I’ve never found the perfect thing to say, the ideal reentry into the form. But… who cares? I’m just gonna jumpContinue reading “How to Turn ’18 Up to ’11’”