The Super Secret, #1 Tip for Greatness: Action

Graphic by the great Austin Kleon That it.  Just one word, one idea.  No long list, no thirty-seven bullet points, just — this: THE SECRET TO GREATNESS Action. I’ve been trying a lot of things this year, but in the end it has all led to this moment.  This typing, this game plan to livingContinue reading “The Super Secret, #1 Tip for Greatness: Action”

The Five Fucking Reasons You’d Better Live Your Dreams

There’s a line I love from Eulogy by Frank Turner.  It’s about going after your big dream.  The song is only 1:35 but it builds to a great point — Well I haven’t always been a perfect person And I haven’t done what Mum and Dad had dreamed But on the day I die I’llContinue reading “The Five Fucking Reasons You’d Better Live Your Dreams”

Welcome to the Permission You’ve Been Waiting For

Hi.  I’m Katherine Cerulean and my purpose in life is to write and share the beauty of the world with you.  But enough with that– This post is about changing your life. You have found this place.  I don’t know from where or how, but you are here now.  And I want to welcome youContinue reading “Welcome to the Permission You’ve Been Waiting For”