Are You Willing to Look Like a Fool for Your BIG Dream?

The Amazing Austin Kleon
The Amazing Austin Kleon

Would you be willing to fall flat on your face while moving toward your dreams?  Because honestly, if you would not, I don’t see you making it in the long run.

Harsh?  Yes, very.  But I believe more and more that the fear that stops most people is only born of a desire to always be saying the right thing, doing the right thing, and looking blameless in society’s eyes.  Now there’s a lot of understandable reasons why we fear looking foolish and most of them date back to early ridicule at school or at home.

But you’re grown up now (or at least older) and you can learn to see that fear as what it really is — something that’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

Think about it.


The above quote was about approaching the woman of your dreams.  But the same (with a slightly longer time frame) is true for putting in a resume for that perfect job, entering that competition, or sharing your creative work with the world.

Go Big or Go Home

In my new plan of taking action, I have decided to self publish three books in the next year.  I’m also giving my first public reading this Saturday.  Scary as Hell?  Yes.

But why?  There’s no penalty (and very little money) on the line.  At worst they don’t buy and they don’t applaud.  So what? As Jack Canfield of The Success Principles might say, ‘So what?  You’re not getting applause and money now — the worse case is that nothing would change.’  And something might change, even if it’s only selling one book.

And change is what you want.  You’ve got the big dream.  And maybe you don’t want to share it with everyone, but you need to find others who share similar dreams, and you need to start putting yourself out there.  I mean, put EVERYTHING on the line.  Your pride, your humility, and your fears.  Because everything you want is on the other side of fear.

And our stupidest fears are about looking foolish.  It’s not stupid to fear them, but it is a waste of all of your talent and your unique vision.  You were put here to move mountains, inspire thousands, and change the course of the world.  If all you have to give up is a little comfort and certitude, then I think it’s damn well worth it.  You are a star — start acting like it and share your glory with the world; the world desperately needs what you have to offer.

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