Attention: You’re Awesome and You’ve Got This

Recently my sister caught up on reading my last few blog posts and, with a moan, called them ‘challenging’.  She wasn’t against the content or the ideas — I think it just seemed like a lot to take in after a month of busyness and bad eating, and sitting here in our unheated house with intermittent water issues.

The journey can seem long and our goals mighty, but what I don’t probably talk enough about here is how freaking amazing, fantastic, gorgeous you are (all of you, not just my sister 😉 ).  You are improving, learning, and growing all the time — and you’re still pursuing your hopes and dreams with amazing tenacity.

So here’s ten fantastic, encouraging things you need to hear right now —

1. Change your life today —

Found on

2. Trust the process —

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3. Stop comparing yourself —

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4. This quote forever —

From my sister

5. You have no idea how amazing you can be —

By The Mincing Mockingbird

6.  Be passionate, Be present, Be you —

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7. Let’s sail beyond the horizon —

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8. You are more beautiful because of what you’ve survived

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9. The time has come to actually see the person in the mirror —

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10. Take a deep breath (you’ve got this) —

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And finally, say to yourself —

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