Make a Break For the Light

Jim Kroft’s wonderful new song, Make a Break For the Light (watch it here!) came along at a perfect time because I’ve been thinking about how this is the time for big action, and fearless living.  And I hope you are feeling that same energy.

Green August #19 by rocketrictic on Flickr
Green August #19 by rocketrictic on Flickr

We have a world full of choice and, for a lot of us in OECD countries, more comfort, ease, and food than any other population in history.  We are living longer and can connect to the entire world through the internet.  The world is truly our oyster.

And yet.

In my highly unscientific sampling (mostly just overheard conversations of my retail coworkers) we don’t really know what to do with all this freedom.  In fact, we don’t feel free at all.  We think we are trapped — by lack of opportunity, by exhaustion, by a few broken dreams and bad choices.

Sound familiar?  Me too.

Found on
Found on

But come on — FUCK THAT.  You are beautiful, amazing, one-of-a-kind and gifted with amazing talents the rest of us need so desperately to have shared with us.  So what if we’re living in a crazy time where we kids have been left at home alone and gorged ourselves on cookies and ice cream, and watched 10 scary movies in a row and are now scared and sick and unsatisfied with our choices?  So what?  If we’re free to make mistakes, we also have the freedom to make our lives awesome.

I have a pretty big, exciting project developing (born of an insane, important realization) that I’ll talk about more later, but it’s going to be my first step in this brave new idea.  The idea that the world is too big and beautiful and full of possibility for any of us to lead unsatisfying lives for any reason — and the most bullshit reason of all is fear.  I don’t blame you for feeling afraid, but you should know —


Now I know a lot of people have amazing challenges — and I salute you for your struggles, your daily victories, your grace in defeat.  For some of you, your gift to the world may just be that shared your presence with us for another day.  I know not everyone can do every thing.  But everyone can do something — for themselves, for their loved ones, for even one other person on this beautiful little blue globe.  A musician in Germany uploads a magnificent song.  I share it with a beautiful friend in New York.  He responds back with amazing, kind words.

Every little action can change the world, even if that change is just that it makes someone’s day better.

Thank you Jim Kroft.

Thank you my friend in New York.

Now, let’s all go make the world a little more awesome today.

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