The Ways in Which You are Blessed

So often we just give lip-service to the things that we should fall to the ground weeping over.  The things other people dream their whole lives of finding and yet you have, right now, in front of you.

The ways in which we are blessed.

This came back into my mind recently.  While in the middle of struggles and setback and challenges in creating the life (and jobs) of our dreams, my sister Sarah and I had some quite silly fun.  First we stayed up super-late just reading through humorous geek posts —

Usually we use Pinterest alone, and mostly for our art and inspiration.  But that night we were just laughing and sharing.  It was great.

A couple of days later, we watched a DVD from Netflix — Fast Five.  Now, we’d watched number one (fine), and three (not so fine) in this series, and I was really thinking this was number six I’d rented (the one where Michelle Rodriguez returns) so I was a little disappointed off the bat.  Then something great happened — it was a LOT of fun.  It reminded me why I love action movies, it was over-the-top but had heart, and Vin Diesel is a true star.  We just had a blast.

Sarah said just having fun with me recently reminded her how lucky we are, right now, even as we move toward our dreams.  Initially, I was a little defensive though I didn’t say anything — I have big plans to make my life better and better; surly there’s nothing wrong with that?

No, not at all.  But Sarah is right, and so is everyone who says to count your blessings.

Right now, today, think about what you have to be grateful for.  Don’t just think, ‘I’ve got my health, family, blah blah blah.’.  Really think about someone out there who would love to have a brother like yours, live in the safe neighborhood you’re sitting in right now, or even live in a country like ours. Give thanks for everything you’d miss if it disappeared tomorrow.

We all have struggles.  What is important to remember is how many gifts we have been given to help us deal with those challenges.

So take a little time to be happy right where you are.

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