Everything You Want Is Just Outside Your Comfort Zone


When you decide to change your life, to improve or expound or dream beyond the limits of your hard, tattered shell — many things will happen at once.  And most of them will seem bad.  Whether it’s guardians at the gate (a la Joseph Campbell) or the simple fact that you’ve moved onto that steep,  uphill road (the one that leads to the top of the mountain!), it is certain that in the beginning nothing may seem to be working.

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone — Robert Allen

I myself have been pushing against the boundaries of what I know and what I can do all year.  Sometimes it works and you feel yourself leap forward, but other times you’re sliding backwards.  But the most important thing, maybe the only thing, is not to give up.  Good, great, amazing things will come out of your efforts.  The trick here is, you don’t know what things.  So try not to limit your thinking when it comes to receiving abundance from the universe.  I started a group for inspiring people, and I got a lot of new friends; I sent out a FB post about longing for one’s soul mate and instead found my best friend.  In these early times, keep your ears pricked for ALL the good coming your way, not just the narrow streams of your expectations.

If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress. — Barack Obama

There really is no secret besides clear-eyed persistence.  I say clear-eyed because you may have to adjust your direction often, find a better path, and not beat your head into the door when there’s an open window beside you.

So, if you know the thing you love and want to do, ask yourself these questions —

  • How did other people get where I want to be?

Look to your heroes, your inspirations, and everyone who has come before.  Read biographies — figure out how they got from where you are to where you’d love to be.

  • Do I need more training, more practice, etc?

Don’t let this slow you down, but you do want to make sure you’re putting your efforts in the right place.  There are lots of people who make one book or one portfolio and then spend 10 years sending it about.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but most times the first work is not that good.  At least, it’s not nearly as good as if you’d spent 10 years honing your talents and then sent out your work and knocked the world off its axis.

  • What can I do every day to bring myself closer to my dream?

Now, I’ve been struggling with this lately, but the truth is, even the smallest step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction.  I think we are much too hard on ourselves and need to relax and have fun with the journey more.

  • Am I willing to step outside my comfort zone?

It’s safe there, you know it well.  Too well.  But everything you want is just beyond your reach. So there comes a time you have to leap, to have faith, and to do the thing that you know in your heart you were made for, but you have never dared do till this moment —


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2 thoughts on “Everything You Want Is Just Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. God, I know all about “comfort zone.” Writers usually (are forced to) keep their day job. But it’s actually dangerous because it’s very comfortable to just sit behind a desk, do what you’re told, and receive paychecks. Sure, the alternative is harsh, but without standing up and walking away from that desk, it will be very difficult to fulfill our dreams.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I too am also looking to balance a regular job while launching my life’s work — my writing career. But I have become way too comfortable and that’s part of why now is the time and here is the place to stretch out my fingers and clasp hold of my North star — it’s scary but so worth it. Thanks for your nice post.

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