My Major Works (so far)

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Here’s a complete list of my major works so far (unproduced/unpublished)–

Murder in the Movies (screenplay, 1998)

Divining Grace (screenplay, 1999)

Other Gods (novel, 2009)

A Caged Heart Still Beats (novel, 2012) — self published; available on Amazon

Fall Street (novel, 2016)

Society & Civility (novel, 2016)

Evonny Mitchell and the Unicorn Knights (screenplay, 2018)

TRIad (novel-in-progress)

Evonny Mitchell and the Noir Unicorn (novel-in-progress) 

Spark of Madness (TV pilot-in-progress)

A Bold Bit of Dickery (TV pilot-in-progress)

Beaumont Lake (Screenplay-in-progress)

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