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  1. Hi! It’s Michael Bailey. We talked after your wonderful reading at the Globe. I would love to follow your work. may even want to come out and try reading something myself one day. Seems like it may be good therapy for me!

    1. Hi Michael!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the ‘After Dark’ Event. I’ve got a couple of books up on Amazon and hopefully another coming out later this year. I’d love to have you read whenever you’re ready. We still have a couple of slots open for ‘Writers Read III’ on May 10th. We haven’t nailed down a location for that one yet. Be sure to check out the AWA’s website and page to find out what events we have upcoming. Best wishes!

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  2. I manage to visit the sea most years, and it continues to be a gate into transcendence — a departure from the everyday to the beauty of now. You capture that in this post and remind me to never take it for granted. Thanks for sharing this bliss-out moment. Kathryn Kyker

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