Awesome Day #6 — Finding 30 y/o Magic Shields

Never say the ’80s weren’t crey-crey.

Yesterday was day #6 of my 8 day ‘stay-cation’.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my sear-the-flesh-from-your-bones Meeting With the Mentor (all of you Hero’s Journey fans know what I’m talking about).

But day #6 was about cleaning out our ‘junk’ room which had originally been our childhood toy room.  And sure enough I found a few toy accessories left over, including the red and white shield shown above.  The other parts were long gone, but the shield was enough (it’s made of metal of all things) to find the name online and bring back forgotten memories.

But mainly I want to share with you how great it feels to clear away 10 year old junk (and older) and see yourself starting fresh and clean.  I encourage you to clean out something (even if it’s only a drawer) and create some space in your life for something new.

Sorry this is a little short (it was an exhausting day) but tomorrow I’ll discuss my Hero’s Journey as well as my Day #8 wrap-up / lessons learned.

P.S. How crazy was that outfit?  And they were called Golden Girl & the Guardians of the Gemstones (for anyone having their own flashbacks).

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Day #6 — Finding 30 y/o Magic Shields

  1. OMG! I can finally have some peace! I have one of these mixed with some She-ra’s and could not for the life of me remember what they were called…..and it’s been so irritating. For YEARS. Thank you for solving the mystery!

    But it is strangely liberating, itsn’t it? To come to a place where you no longer need to keep these things. I’m a sentimental freak- I attach emotional value to everything. And regardless of the fact that 80’s toys rocked, there’s several that I have not been able to part with. Did my own clean out a few weeks ago and alot of things no longer needed to be kept. Awesome day.

    1. Yay! I’m glad to know I’m not alone!
      Oddly, it said online they were only sold for a year and were kind of a flop — and yet I know my sister and I had them all and maybe the horses and board game too. And I wonder how those early toys influenced the video-game-and-action-movies-person I’d become. I always assumed I was just inspired by He-Man, but these pre-date those.
      And yes, it’s great to look back fondly and still be able to say you don’t need all the physical items with you anymore.
      Thanks for writing!

      1. I only have the one figure left, but several of She-ra. It was probably a flop based on that: I’m sure mothers of our era were more prone to buy the pretty warrior princess figures. Really wish they both made a comeback. Think girls need them. Think young girls ALWAYS need them. But it is trully interesting, how our early toys helped define us. The one group of things I can never part with are my dinosaurs! My fascination with them as a kid turned into dragons and fantasy in high school, and all things reptile as an adult. Figured my kids would enjoy them- I have two boys, who couldn’t care less about dinosaurs! Go figure. Still, I can’t part with them.

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