Katherine Cerulean — Founder of the Athens Writers Association. Author of five novels and one self improvement book.

Scripts available upon request —

Evonny Mitchell and the Unicorn Knights — feature-length fantasy family film

A fourteen year old girl discovers a new world, and a chance to become the hero she’s destined to be.


Beaumont Lake — feature-length romantic ghost story

A teenage girl discovers a ruined opulent estate, a pair of young men, and a lake secrets could saves her life… or end it.


Love Fuzoul — feature-length animated family film

A junkyard dog gets a magic wish and becomes the cutest dog in the world.


A Bold Bit of Dickery — one-hour dramatic television pilot

A flim-flam man, a bit of magic, and a chance at redemption.


Spark of Madness — one-hour dramatic television pilot

Victorian England with a magical sheen.


Spec script: Rick & Morty, FEM Rick

When an alt-universe Rick, a female Rick, shows up in the garage, it’s a mind blower. Meanwhile, Jerry’s desire to make a perfect omelet has unintended consequences.